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Located between the two terminals in the central area MAC, which stands for the Airport Centre, the car rental desk for Thrifty is easily found upon arrival.

It is possible to make advance reservations via the company’s websites at or at At the airport centre customers can pick up their keys and hire documents before a member of the service team will direct them to area where the rental car can be collected. Enquiries and telephone bookings can also be made with Thrifty Munich Airport by telephoning on tel +49 89203523051.

Harburg Castle, which lies on the famous Romantic Road between Füssen and Würzburg, lies within an easy drive from Munich. The castle was first mentioned in official documents at the end of the 11th century and is one of Southern Germany’s best preserved, oldest and certainly most romantic castles. No war, not even a local skirmish has touched the stone walls of this castle and from its turrets and walled fortifications one is offered utterly breath-taking views over the countryside below.

Close by is the medieval town of Dinkelsbühl, which is often overlooked on the tourist trail, as most visitors head straight for the much more famous neighbouring town of Rothenburg. Dinkelsbühl was once a Free Imperial City of the Roman Empire and now belongs to the district of Ansbach, another town well worth seeing en route.

The St. George Minster in Dinkelsbühl, a gorgeous Gothic-style masterpiece dates back to the 15th century and is certainly worth spending time at, as is the Castle of the Teutonic Order, which has a lovely rococo chapel. The old part of the town has many architectural gems to offer, from the Wörnitz Gate to the Weinmarkt, from the Market Place, where the Renaissance Deutsches Haus stands out as particularly lovely, to the pretty Segringen and Nördlingen Streets – they all make Dinkelsbühl well worth the car rental fee.

The town of Ansbach is situated approximately 140 km or 90 miles north of Munich and 40 km or 25 miles southwest of Nuremberg. Ansbach was originally founded by a Benedictine monastery that sprang into life in 748. Around it grew the village and later town of Ansbach, which was mentioned in its present form for the first time in 1221.

The main sights are the Castle of the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach, the Kaspar Hauser Monument that serves as a memorial to the mysterious “wild” boy found in Ansbach, and the lovely 15th century churches of St. Gumbertus, the founder of the original monastery, and St. Johannis.

In the Mini category from Thrifty Munich customers can choose from cars like the Volkswagen Fox, which comes with unlimited kilometres as part of the rental package. the car doesn’t have air conditioning, but can seat up to 4 passengers and has space for up to 4 pieces of luggage.

In the Economy range there are Thrifty cars like the Volkswagen Polo, which can seat 4 people and has room for one large suitcase, while the Compact range Volkswagen Golf can seat up to 5 people and can accommodate 2 large suitcases, too. The Standard-size Audi A4 has even more space and provides seating for up to 5 people and space for 5 suitcases.

For business travellers the Premium range from Thrifty Munich Airport might offer even better choices. The BMW 5 Series or the Full-size category Mercedes-Benz C200 are comfortable on long-distance journeys, can seat 5 passengers and have plenty of space for luggage.

For more information about Thrifty car hire Munich, please visit the official website at, where enquiries and reservations can be made.

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