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Car Parking Munich Airport

Munich Airport Parking

The airport has four multi-storey car parks and six underground car parks together with other parking areas available. Some car parks are specifically for holidaymakers and day visitors. In total there are some 20,000 parking spaces for long and short term parking. Of these some 16,500 car parking spaces are covered, providing secure parking during Bavaria’s harsh winters and baking hot summers.

Getting to Terminal One by Car

To reach Terminal 1, motorists should take the A92 motorway and then follow the Munich Airport (Flughafen München) exit sign, from where sign-posting Terminal 1 can be followed. The designated parking areas at Terminal 1 for long & short term parking are located in front of the Arrivals areas at modules A to E, namely at parking lots P1, P2, P3, P4 P5, P7 and P8.

Getting to Terminal Two by Car

To reach Terminal 2, motorists should take the A92 motorway and then follow the Munich Airport (Flughafen München) exit signs, from where signposting for Terminal 2 (Pkw/Cars) can be followed. At Terminal 2 motorists are permitted to stop briefly in the pick-up & bring area P20.

Arriving and Leaving by Rental Car

The car rental areas are as follows: pickup is handled at Car Rental Centre/Central Area (Zentralbereich); here customers with a reservation can pick up their car keys and rental documents.

Rental car returns are handled at the area opposite to parking area P26, just north of P9.

Remote, Long-term Parking

Parking lot P41 is specially designated for holidaymakers who need long-term, low-price parking and their parking lot P41 can be found on Nordallee. There is space for approximately 4, 500 vehicles.

Passengers are permitted to unload luggage just outside the Terminal 1 and 2 buildings, then drive their car to parking lot P41 and return to their required terminal by taking the S8 fast metro train (S-Bahn) from the Visitors’ Park (Besucherpark) train station. The metro trains run every 10 minutes. Bus service line 635, which stops directly at parking lot P41, also connects to the terminals.

Once a motorist has bought a car parking ticket, all occupants of that particular vehicle are eligible to travel for free on the S1 and S8 metro train as well as on bus line 635, namely the services that run between P41 and the terminals. The walk from the station at the Visitors’ Park takes approximately 10 minutes. Bus lines 653 runs every 20 minutes from parking lot P41 to the Terminal 1, central area and Terminal 2 buildings.

Long-term Parking

Car parking lots P5, P7, P8, which are located opposite Terminal 1, are designated for long term parking. P7 and P8 multi-storey car parks are reserved for long-term parking (from 8 days’ parking onwards). Motorists wishing to leave their car for long periods should head for the P26, which is an underground car park next to the Kempinski Airport Hotel Munich. The P35 parking area for long-term parking is located right by the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) building.

Short-term Parking

Located directly in front of Terminal 1 parking lots P1, P2, P3 and P4 are underground garages designated for short-term parking for a maximum duration of 7 days. P9, which is located by the Zentralbereich/central area Z, is also designated for short-term parking.

For further information about long and short term parking at the airport, please visit the official website at

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