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Rental cars are picked up in a central area at the airport, which is located at Terminal 2, opposite area C. Here customers with a car hire reservation are handed their car keys and rental documents.

Upon returning the hired car customers should take their vehicles to the sign-posted area at Terminal 1, opposite area B. Customers should leave their rental car with the service crew just inside the entrance, making sure the keys and documents remain in the vehicle. The returns area is actually opposite to parking lots P26 and just north of P9.

Car hire Munich Airport offers choices with the following well-known car rental providers:

Avis: Terminalstraße Mitte, D- 85356 München , Phone +49 89 975-9 76 00, Fax +49 89 975-9 76 20; . Their opening hours are 6.30 am to 11.30 pm every day of the year.

Europcar car rental Munich: Car Rental Center, Terminalstraße Mitte, D-85356 München, telephone +49 89 973-50 20, Fax +49 89 973-5 02 66; http:// Their office opens from 6.30 am to 11.59 pm every day; the other Europcar station is located at Flughafen München 2, Car Rental Center, D- 85356 Freising / München Phone: +49 089 9735020 and Fax: +49 089 97350266.

Hertz car hire Munich, Terminalstraße Mitte, D- 85356 München , Phone +49 89 978-86 12, Fax +49 89 978-86 11; http:// .The Hertz station has opening hours from 7.00 am to midnight every day of the year.

Terstappen Autovermietung, Theodor-Heuss-Strasse 71 – 73, D- 47167 Duisburg, telephone 0700 83 77 82 77. Their opening hours are from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm daily.

National/Alamo, Terminalstraße Mitte, D-85356 München, telephone +49 180 5 46 25 26, Fax +49 89 975-9 76 86. Their opening hours are daily from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm. Online reservations can be made via

Sixt car rental Munich Airport, Terminalstraße Mitte, D- 85356 München, or, telephone +49 180 5 26 25 25 and Fax +49 180 5 22 29 30 00 11. Their opening hours are from 6.00 am to midnight every day.

Several other leading rental car companies have depots either in or close to Munich Airport and can arrange for a pick-up or hand-over service.

Bavaria has a plethora of cultural riches to offer and many historic cities brimming over with palaces and castles, cathedrals and churches, ancient monuments and fantastic shops. An area of outstanding natural beauty, the region around Berchtesgaden and the famous Schőnau Kőnigssee is perfect for hiking holidays in summer and cross-country skiing in winter. The town of Berchtesgaden lies just 180 km southeast of Munich and a mere 30 km south of Salzburg in Austria.

Infamous for the Eagle’s Nest, a certain moustachioed villain’s favourite summer resort perched high up on a mountain summit, the area is justly beloved for its utterly stunning beauty. The Alpine National Park has many examples of unique flora and fauna to offer as well as gorgeous views and wonderful mountain-side cafes that serve amazing cakes and delicatessen of the region.

From Berchtesgaden it is not far to the lovely 12th century chapel of St. Bartholomew overlooking the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Lake Kőnigssee. It is possible to cruise the silent waters with electric boats. The lake is about 5 miles long and in parts up to 1 mile wide, reminding visitors of a Norwegian fjord. The lake measures at its deepest part some 190 meters / 650 ft in depth, making it a cold water lake throughout the year.

The Bad Reichenhall salt mines are a great day trip for all the family. Mysterious and beautiful, the mines can be visited via a small train that takes visitors some 150 metres below the surface, where the mirror lake is one of the many astonishing sights. Salt crystals growing on the mine’s ceiling are reflected in the lake, making for an unforgettable, if somewhat eerie experience.

For people who prefer to remain on the surface of Mother Earth there’s always Berchtesgaden Castle to enjoy, once the summer residence of the Bavarian Royal Family in 1810. Parts of the castle complex are much older. The Augustine Abbey of Canons was founded in 1102.

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